Terms and privacy policy


(i) These terms of use and privacy (hereinafter the Terms of Use) regulate the conditions of use of the website www.avokaado.ee (hereinafter the Website) and the services provided therein, which all the visitors or users of the Website must consent to.

(ii) The operator of the Website is Avokaado Baltics OÜ (hereinafter Avokaado), address Liivalaia 45, Tallinn, Commercial Register code 14015962, e-mail info@avokaado.ee.

(iii) The user represents by the act of creating a user account at the Website (hereinafter the Registration) that all the information and representations provided by him/her are correct: he/she is private person with full legal capacity (at least 18 years of age) or that he/she has all rights and authorisations for procuring the services on behalf of the user. The aforementioned representations are presumed to be accurate and Avokaado is not obliged to verify these.


(i) Avokaado is providing through the Website the opportunity to compose legal documents and to subscribe to related additional services (hereinafter jointly the Services or separately the Service).

(ii) The users of the Service are private persons or legal entities who have registered themselves as the users of the Website (hereinafter the Users or separately the User) and have chosen service package suitable for them (hereinafter the Package).

(iii) The User will be able to download the drafted documents in PDF format or digitally signed in BDOC container.

(iv) In order to use the full functionality of the Website the User must at first Register and choose a Package.

(v) Avokaado may establish separate additional conditions for each Service (e.g. prices, service contents and scope etc.) which are published on the Website at the subscription and information page of the respective service and which are considered as inseparable parts of the Terms of Use.

(vi) Avokaado is not providing legal advice and only provides the Users with the opportunity to use the software and self-service. The legal content at the Website does not constitute provision of legal advice. Avokaado does not verify the accuracy or completeness of the information entered or otherwise provided by the User; does not perform legal analyses or assessments and does not provide legal recommendations based on the actual circumstances of the User. In order to receive legal advice the User should approach qualified lawyer or attorney.


(i) In order to receive client support regarding the use of the Website, Registration, Services and subscribing and paying for the Packages the User must contact the client support of Avokaado (hereinafter the Client Support) through the conversation icon located at the bottom right of the Webpage.

(ii) Avokaado will strive to reply to all requests received by the Client Support within reasonable time, but will not guarantee that the requests are replied to within certain time or that the requests receive answers satisfactory for the inquirer.


(i) The prices of Packages and Services are provided in Euros at the Website and include VAT.

(ii) It is possible to pay for the Packages and Services with credit card or with debit card that has the characteristics of a credit card.

(iii) Packages and Services can be subscribed to either based on monthly prepayment subscription or one-time prepayment, which provides access to the Service for the duration of the subscription period covered by the prepayment.

(iv) The subscription is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period, unless User has cancelled the subscription in self-service before the end of the current subscription period.

(v) Avokaado shall not be obliged to refund to the User any prepaid fees.

(vi) Avokaado may from time to time change the prices of the Services and Packages by informing the Users a reasonable time ahead. The prices of the Services and Packages will then change at the beginning of the next subscription period after the date of change in the prices.


(i) All copyrights to the materials presented at the Website belong to Avokaado or have been licensed to Avokaado to the extent that allows their use at the Website.

(ii) The copyrights and other proprietary rights to the contents of the Website (primarily the rights to software, business model, texts, design, design elements) belong to Avokaado or its licensors. All rights concerning the contents of the Webpage belong to Avokaado.

(iii) The works published on the Webpage and protected with copyright may be used by the User publicly without the consent of Avokaado only by referring to Avokaado as the source of the works. The contents of the legal documents provided by Avokaado may not be made publicly available without the prior written consent of Avokaado.


(i) The User is obliged to provide his/her personal data at Registration.

(ii) The User provides his/her consent for processing of personal data to the extent described in Terms of Use with the objective to ensure the quality and accessibility of the Service and also to expand, improve, personalise and otherwise develop the Services.
(iii) Avokaado collects and records personal data in electronic format and makes extracts also in other format if necessary.

(iv) Avokaado processes the personal data with the objective to provide the Services to the client and to forward advertising and other information to the User.

(v) Avokaado shall not forward, sell or disclose the data of the User to third parties without the prior written consent from the User, except in instances provided in the Terms of Use.

(vi) Avokaado is entitled to forward the personal data to Avokaado group companies and cooperation partners.

(vii) Avokaado shall process the following personal data of the User: name and surname, phone number, e-mail address and address (hereinafter the Personal Data). The User may inspect his/her Personal Data at any time and make corrections at the self-service or request their deletion, unless the law provides otherwise.

(viii) Avokaado is not obliged to preserve the Personal Data of the Users.

(ix) The User is entitled, at any time, to withdraw his/her consent for processing of Personal Data, to request termination of the processing of Personal Data and deletion of the collected Personal Data, and closing of user account. For that the User shall forward respective application to the Client Support or to e-mail info@avokaado.ee. Withdrawal of consent shall not have retroactive effect.


(i) Legal documents created by the Users and their User-defined contents are confidential. The information technology solution of Avokaado has been developed in such a manner that the employees of Avokaado shall not have access to the legal documents of the User. The employees of Avokaado can have access to the legal documents of the User in the same manner as any other User, i.e. only if the creator of the document shares access to it.

(ii) The visitors of the Website and Users shall agree to the use of cookies and other similar technologies at the Website, to the collecting of Personal Data and its forwarding outside the country of residence and to the collection, use and distribution of Personal Data, including for promotional purposes.

(iii) While visiting the Website and using the Services or in the course of interactive communication Avokaado may use various technologies which collect information regarding the access and use of Services. Such information may include also information regarding the packet types and interactive communication of the User, details of performed inquiries, technological data (IP address, connection devices, operation system) and other similar information.


(i) Avokaado may change the Term of Use at any time by informing the Users at least 10 days beforehand. Amended Terms of Use come into force at the moment of publishing at the Website.

(ii) Website may contain links to other websites which are outside the influence of Avokaado. Avokaado publishes such links only for the purposes of making it easier for the Users of the Website to find information and is not liable for the contents of linked websites.

(iii) Avokaado shall not be liable for any delays in sharing documents that the User has shared nor for any damages incurred thereby.

(iv) Avokaado is entitled at its own discretion either to limit or cancel the right of use of the Website by a User, including to close his/her account and restricting him/her from Registration again in case he/she has violated the Terms of Use or the obligations arising therefrom, in case he/she has provided untrue or misleading information or acts otherwise in bad faith.

(v) Avokaado reserves the right to change at any time the contents or format of the Website without prior notice. Avokaado is entitled at, any time and without providing reasons, to change and refresh the technological structure and functionality of the Website; to suspend or cancel provision of Service and close any of its parts; to restrict the use of certain parts of the Website or Services or functionality (e.g. amount of data, upload speed, amount of recorded content etc.). Avokaado shall inform the Users of material changes a reasonable time before the changes come into force.

(vi) For the purposes of accessibility of the Services the Website is connected to third party applications, websites and services which may include separate terms of use and privacy. Avokaado shall not be liable for the content and terms of use of such applications, websites and services.

(v) Avokaado, its branches and subsidiaries shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, actual or collateral damages (incl. loss of business, agreement, profit, data, information or business interruption), which result from using the Services or from inability to use the Services or from the contents of the Webpage even in case Avokaado was aware of the potential for such damage. The limitation period for any claims regarding the use of Website and Services is 1 year, starting from the occurrence of the damage.

(vi) The laws of Estonian Republic are applied to the legal relations deriving from the Terms of Use. The User and Avokaado shall strive to settle any potential dispute by way of negotiations. In case of failure to reach settlement the dispute shall be settled in Harju County court.